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Some of the cardiac technologies are offered under the licence of the market leader  CARDIOSIGNAL GmbH :

Ultrasound Analysis of Heart Valve Prostheses:

Prosthetic heart valve implants may undergoe harmful and acute mailfunctions with some small risk. Therefore the  correct operation should be checked in relative short periods of time. An early detection of a mailfunction offers a good chance to prevent serious complications like a stroke or heart surgery.

The correct operation of the heart valve implant can be recognized by a typical ultrasound signal of the valve.

We offer the technology for valve monitoring with handsets or more complex clinical systems. The handset is designed for day-by-day , quick & easy self checking of the valve patient.


Clinical system for heart valve diagnosis. It is based on a combination of the three methods phonocardiography, ECG and ultrasound.

heart valve
A prosthetic valve

valve emission
Ultrasound signal of a valve

Valve checker for home monitoring

Application: One minute procedure only!

Sonic Heart Performance Checkers

Here comes the technology beyond the personal ECG!

In many cases of heart deseases - like chronic heart failure - a personal ECG is not sufficient for determining  the cardiac output, vitality or contractivity. Because an ECG just delivers a signal of the electrical myocard excitation, whereas the real job of the heart is of mechanical nature: It has to
effectively pump blood, the electrical signals in the ECG are only side effects!

Therefore we work on cardiac checkers which measure much more directly the mechanical work and performance of  the heart, like blood output or the degree of myocard contraction and size.

cardiac output
DSP electronics for the cardiac output checker. The ultrasound handset is easy to use and instantaneously informs about the heart performance  

Cardiac Doppler Signal - the total cardiac blood stream is measured by the personal handset. A M-mode automatic heart checker is available as well.

Heart Resonance Spectroscopy - the effective contraction of the myocard is measured by the personal handset.