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Ablation with Symphony
Scribe out Spots & Crinkles

What it is:

  • An energy tool with significant impact
  • Yes, painful, but less than erbium or carbondioxide laser
  • Local anesthesia may be required
  • Cold interaction, even anesthetic cooling during treatment
  • Continuous scribing of  lines and spots - best targeting
  • Spot, line or area
  • Shallow interaction zone (< 1 mm)
  • Skin must recover 3 weeks
  • Assisted by small laser power, no eye protection required
What it is not:

  • A wellness product like "soft laser" , "beauty massage" or "gentle peeling"
  • Painless & ineffective
  • Heats up or burns the skin surface
  • Fires energy pulses on selected skin areas
  • Area treatment only
  • A power laser (eye protection needed)
  • Ultrasound assisted drug mobilization
  • Deep penetration of energy
  • Immediate beauty after treatment
The Symphony Ablator removing Spots. Before treatment and directly after 5 s treatment:
ultrasound skin ablationbefore treatmentafter treatment